• Lydia Margot

5 crazy fun activities!

1. The mars bar game. For ages 6+, 3 or more players. You will need a pair of dice, a mars bar (or any chocolate bar), hat, gloves, scarf and knife and fork. Everyone sits in a circle. Put the mars bar (still wrapped), hat, gloves, scarf and cutlery in the middle. Each player takes turns to roll the dice. Every time someone rolls a double they get to put on the hat, scarf and gloves and start trying to unwrap the mars bar and eat it with a knife and fork. While they do this the other players continue to pass the dice between them hoping to roll a double to get a chance to eat the chocolate. When someone rolls a double, the child eating the chocolate passes them the various clothes and knife and fork and they have a turn. Variations: add more dresssing-up clothes to the hat/scarf/gloves combo or even use a blindfold. You can also use a bigger bar of chocolate like dairy milk.

2. Bubble snakes. If you don't have an outdoor space this quick and easy creative/sensory activity could work in the kitchen or bathroom if your concerned about wet floors.

3. Try these amazing science experiments! These fun experiments will mesmerize your children. All the ingredients are easily available and the experiments are easy to do at home.

4. Jacobs crackers challenge. I have done this challenge with hundreds of children and I've only ever seen 2 children complete it! The challenge is to eat 2 jacobs cream crackers in 2 minutes. It sounds easy enough, but the crackers dry out their mouths and make it virtually impossible! It's a good idea to have some water and tissues close by...

5. Bath paint. This is a very easy recipe for paint that works well in the bathroom. Children can paint while they're in the shower or bath and really go to town all over the tiles, and it's non-toxic so it can get in the bathwater with no problems.

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