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5 Easy craft activities

1. Dream catchers. The Native American Lakota tribe hang dream catchers near to a bed to sift through bad dreams and good dreams, useful visions and evil visions. You can explain a bit about the meaning and significance of dream catchers with your child if you decide to make them together:

3 variations on dream catchers:

- The paper plate version:

- The recycled CD version (this is a great way to make use of scratched-up old CDs):

- The leaf version (brilliant after an autumnal walk):

2. Bath bombs. This is a hit with both children and teenagers. The only ingredient that can be a bit harder to find is citric acid. Big supermarkets often have it and it is always available easily online (I'm not too keen on amazon but you can find it there) or from Wilko.

3. Make your own fidget spinner. I've never quite understood the craze of fidget spinners, but I was very impressed when a thirteen year old girl taught me how you can make your own! Strong PVA works for this but a hot glue gun is even better if you happen to have one at home.

4. Origami. This site has a brilliant selection of origami ideas for children.

5. Recycled junk monsters. Make use of recycled bits and pieces by encouraging your children to make monsters out of junk! Junk modelling is a fantastic creative and eco-friendly activity. If they're not into monsters they can try a junk city or absolutely anything they can think of. Here's a couple of pinterest boards to give your kids some inspiration:

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