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Magical ingredient for messy play: food colouring!

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Food colouring is a brilliant tool in a sensory play kit for toddlers and younger children. The beauty of food colouring is that curious toddlers can shove it in their mouths with absolutely no consequence! Here is a quick list of things you can do:

1. Make different colored mixes of cornflour and water for sensory fun. The wonders of cornflour:

2. Freeze different colored ice cubes and put them in a tray to play with, particularly good with toddlers. Kids can also explore painting with the coloured ice cubes

3. Shaving foam and food colouring makes a quick slime that they absolutely love. If you're worried about them eating the shaving foam a can of whipped cream is a good substitute

4. Home made play-dough with food colouring, vegetable oil and regular flour. Making the playdough is an activity that can be as fun as playing with it afterwards. Including essential oils to add different aromas adds another sensory dimension. Recipe here:

5. Rainbow spaghetti: a simple recipe to make multi-coloured spaghetti they can dig their hands into

6. Rainbow rice. The same as rainbow spaghetti, but with rice:

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