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Activities that bring a bit of wonder and awe into your home...

1. Spoong gongs. It seems unlikely but by tying metal spoons to a piece of string, wrapping the string around your fingers and placing your fingers in your ears you can create a magical sound experience with your children. Experiment by bashing the spoons on different objects and surfaces. Children won't believe the crazy sounds they can hear! You can do the same thing with a metal oven grate or a metal clothes hanger. This American talk show is the only video I could find of it online, it should give you an idea:

Here are come more cool sounds experiments that kids can try:

2. Two types of invisible Ink. In this activity children can write a secret message in home-made invisible ink.

The first method is with lemon juice and water:

The second method is to write on paper with a white wax candle. Then afterwards children paint the paper in different colours and their secret message is revealed. You can write secret messages to each other, or even post the secret message to friends/family with instructions of how they can reveal the message.

3. Magic fire wishes. For this activity you will just need tea bags and matches. The kind of tea bags that are rectangular with a string will do it (pukka tea is a brand that will work). As you can see in the video below, the emptied tea bags will fly off into the air when lit with a match, like little lanterns. This is a magical sight for adults and children alike. To give the activity a magical twist, I show children how they can write their wishes on the teabags before lighting them. Then they watch their wishes fly off into the air. Occasionally it doesn't work, if that happens I normally tell children it's even more lucky if they don't fly before giving them another go :). I normally place the tea bags on a plate so as to not leave marks on tables.

4. A letter from the past. Children can make paper look ancient using the classic technique in the video below- the only ingredient you need is instant coffee. They can print something onto the paper first (like in the video below, such as a map) or they can draw/write something by hand afterwards. I recommend writing letters from people in the past, I'm sure they are learning about historical figures in school who they might want to bring to life.

5. Fizzy bottle rockets. Children make mini rockets that magically launch into the air! You will need an outdoor space to do this activity. Using effervescent tablets (of vitamins or paracetamol/alka seltzer available in the supermarket or pharmacy), empty fruit-shoot drink bottles and water you can make these fun rockets at home.

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