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Stuff for older kids and teenagers

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Here are a few activities aimed at older children and young people. These are fun creative activities that they can do independently or with your help.

1. Fortune telling. 'Mash' is an addictive game where children and young people get to be fortune tellers and read their futures. This website has very clear instructions of how to play, although I would add more categories than they suggest: In terms of categories on a base level I would go for who they will marry, where they will live (Paris? London? Tropical beach? The moon?), what type of home (tree house? Palace? Underground cave?), what type of transport, what job, how many children they will have, how much money they will have, what pet they will have etc. There's a lot more fun fortune telling activities that I will include soon.

2. Make a quiz. Children and young people create a trivia quiz which they can try out on you, family or friends. I recommend the website 'Kahoot' for this, as it will help them to make a professional looking gameshow-style quiz:

3. Junk fashion. Children and young people create new looks out of anything you can find in the recycling bin at home, or materials/objects which would otherwise go to waste. Along with this you can use any other craft supplies you might have. They can create looks for themselves or for you or another family member. If there's a few of you at home I would recommend putting on a fashion show.

4. Home improvement projects. Include children in DIY projects around the home or encourage them to come up with one that you can do together. Painting a wall or mural together (blackboard paint is brilliant because it creates a surface they can continue to be creative on afterwards), putting up shelves, fixing doors, sewing cushions... It's not for all kids or teenagers but some of them really enjoy these kind of projects and it's a great creative way to spend time together.

5. Beauty salon. Encourage children and teenagers to set up an at-home beauty salon. This can involve nail painting, skincare, make up and hair styling. For budding hairdressers "trainer" dummy heads are available online which can be a great purchase as it turns hairdressing into a fun solo activity (pictured). I also recommend creating their own face masks and beauty products from natural ingredients. Encourage them to look online for recipes they like, these are some good examples:

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