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Time Travel

You and your children can travel across space and time at home with these simple activities!

1. Bury a time capsule, or just hide it somewhere in your house. Create a time capsule for future generations to find. Help your child to choose meaningful objects and memories that can communicate what their life is like today. During the lockdown some families are choosing to create a 'Covid 19' time capsule to help children make sense of everything that is going on around them. You can explain to your children that with a time capsule they can tell future generations what it was like to live through the pandemic, and what life was like in lockdown. I think this sounds like a great idea, but your child might prefer to make a general time capsule unrelated to lockdown.

This article outlines how to make a Covid 19 time capsule activity:

Lots of other time capsule activity ideas here:

2. Hatching dinosaur eggs. Great for toddlers or small children. Freeze mini dinosaurs or other small toys in balloons filled with water (food colouring can also be added). Then give your children the challenge of excavating the dinosaurs from the ice. You can use spoons, any kind of tools, a turkey baster/dropper with warm salt water... It can be a good opportunity to start using hammers if they are a little older. This activity can keep preschool ages children occupied for a surprisingly long time. If you don't have dinosaurs you can use any small creature and say they have been frozen for hundreds of years. Also if you don't have balloons you can try in a plastic bag or any other plastic container.

Here are 2 versions of the activity, one for toddlers and one for slightly older children going for it with a hammer!

3. Origami fortune tellers. A classic playground game that you may remember from your own childhood. Children make these origami devices and then use them to tell each other's futures.

How to make a fortune teller:

How to use a fortune teller:

4. Build a time machine. For this you will need a big cardboard box, craft supplies, tin foil and whatever recycled materials you can find at home that could be of use! See images below for inspiration. Some children will enjoy playing with their time machine, entering and exiting in different eras. An extension of the activity is to find dress-up clothes around the house that can represent different historical moments. Other children may just be interested in building the time machine and leaving it at that.

5. Write a letter to their future selves. Children can choose the age when they want to receive the letter in the future. Normally this would be around a rite of passage, like 12, 16, 18 or 21. Similarly to the time capsule activity, you can encourage children to think about what's going on in the world around them and in their lives today, and include this in their letter. They can also make predictions about the future and their future selves' life. This activity can work really well as a video-message rather than a letter, if your child doesn't feel like writing.

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